BMW FEM Key Programmer and VVDI2 BMW Comparison

Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer, online update, support offline operate, safe and stable, easy to operate, support latest BMW vehicles till 2017.It is new arrival key programming tool for BMW FEM.And its price is only 379USD,much cheaper than VVDI2 BMW,you may want to know which one is better for BMW FEM?

bmw fem key programmer

1.Support List

Yanhua BMW FEM Key Programmer BMW Vehicles List:
1 Series             F20/F21                            2011-2017
2 Series             F22/F23/F45/F46            2014-2017
3 Series/GT       F34/F35                            2012-2017
4 Series             F30/F31/F32/F33/F36     2014-2017
X5                       F15                                     2014-2017
X6                       F16                                     2015-2017
VVDI2 BMW Support List:
VVDI2 CAS4 needs to add separately if you buy VVDI2 BMW OBD.But if you buy VVDI2 Full,no need to worry about CAS4,which is included.
vvdi2 bmw support list
VVDI2 V4.2.1 version not support BMW FEM at present.But for v5.0.0 version,it will release BMW FEM/BCD function,you can update it online free
vvdi2 update
2.Update Method:
Yanhua FEM key programmer allows offline operation , safe and stable, easy to operate
No need tokens
Online Update: on (Yanhua official site)
VVDI2 software and firmware support update online.And if you need VAG VW4th,5th,you can buy authorization service to add.
3.In brief,both of them are original BMW Key programmer,one is from YANHUA brand,one is from Xhorse brand.And if you only want to do BMW FEM keys,it will be better to choose YANHUA FEM key progrmamer.If you want to do BMW cars not only FEM,better to buy VVDI2 BMW.