Cummins Insite Expired Problem Solution

Cummins Inline is professional truck diagnostic tool for cummins,and for commins inline 5,some customer may get expired error after a period of  time.In previous post,buyobdtool shares a solution that change the computer time to 2015.1.1,and restart computer,send PC ID and verification id to get password,then unlock it.This solution is working ok,but there is another problem,after change PC time or after time went to 2015.7,it may get expired problem again,how to solve the problem forever?

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Cummins Insite Expired Problem Solution

1.Start cummins insite software,then it may get expired error:

cummins inline


cummins insite

cummins insite


For previous solution,change time to 2015.1.1,then input new unlock password,just like this:



2.New Solution:

No need to change computer time,just install the patch file,like the following pic.

1.Free download cummins insite patch file:

2.Extract it.

3.Copy .dll file to insite folder just like the following.

cummins inline 5