Cut Benz HU64 key with X6 Key Cutting Machine

X6 key cutting machine automatic tool which is with more affordable price than Condor XC-MINI one,but it can not support update.Here,we shares how to use X6 key cutting machine to cut HU64 key with original Benz key.

1.Put the right fixture and install the cutter.The cutter is not like before just insert directly,it needs to fasten the screw,which will be more stable.

x6 key cutting machine x6-key-cutting-hu64-2

2. Put the Benz original key.

x6 key cutting


3.Choose the Benz Hu64,enter to click decode to learn the key.

x6 key cutting tool

x6 key cutting

x6 key cutting


4.After the step 3 finished,put the new key blade,and click cut to cut new key.