Free Download Autoboss V30 User Manual

Original Autoboss V30 is the newest autoboss scanner. The V30 applys with blue teeth techniques and live data graphic display, and it has 1 year warranty and free update.

1.Free Download Autoboss V30 User Manual

2.Autoboss V30 Update
(1) Take out the SD card from V30 main unit;
(2) Put the SD card into SD Card reader;
(3) Connect the Card-Reader to PC USB port;
(4) Select the SD card driver on the top-right side of software installation screen as shown in
(5) Click on the button [Update], the selected programs already downloaded to your PC hard drive will be installed on SD card automatically.Note: Make sure the update destination is the SD card driver. To confirm this, please enter “My computer” on the PC to verify the content in SD card.

autoboss v30

1.Live data graphic display
2.Full component activation
3.Read & change ECU coding
4.Setting of adaptation values
5.CANBUS function supported
6.Internet update function
7.HYUNDAI immobilizer
8.Testing report saving function
9.VOLKSWAGON immobilizer III
10.Coding of the new control modules
11.NISSAN idle speed self learning function
12.Multi-language for international market demand
13.Hand-held independent operation, supporting PC link