Free Download JLR Mangoose SDD V142 Software

V142 JLR Mangoose Pro Multi-Language for Jaguar and Land Rover Support 2005 to 2014 year vehicle, it is updated version of JLR MANGOOSE.

jlr mongoose

1.What you need to notice for JLR Mangoose SDD V142 Software
1. No Internet Connecting, Or it will make damage to JLR Mangoose!!!
2. JLR version after V137 do not support offline programming, you can do the online programming.
3. JLR V142 Software Free Download, For the Driver, Please Use the Same One as V139.

2.Free Download JLR Mangoose SDD V142 Software
Please get to this link:
Then you will see like the following pic shows:

Please download the files:

SDD 142.00_FULL.exe  VDF_JA_142.exe  VDF_JV_142.exe  VDF_LA_142.exe

VDF_LV_142.exe  SDD_142.01.exe  SDD_142.02.exe  SPA_142.exe

With these files you can’t install yet, want to run with our JLR Mangoose cable, you need additional “Driver for MangoosePro_JLR” and license key.