Free Download V9.31 CARPROG FULL Software

Carprog newest software is V9.31 version,and carprog package is with all 21 items adapters.And Buyobdtoolshop also has Carprog Full V8.21 Firmware Perfect Online Version,which is with full authorization,can support more.


1.Free Download V9.31 CARPROG FULL Software

Please download 9.31 carprog from this link:!QF4D2ajZ!sew7H0E2wZeo7bfNdM3XJn4yN8i2BZGQ1u4nmR-O3dA

2.Carprog Adapters List:

1: CarProg Main harware interface
2: A1 – OBD2 Adapter Cable(Inside have K-line and CAN bus switches. Use with all cars complained with OBDII standard)
3: D1 – Odometer-airbag Adapter(Dashboard ,Airbag programming adapter )
4: A3 – Transponder Antenna ( Used with all CARPROG immobiliser software )
5: A10 – Motorola Adapter Cable (Motorola MCU programing adapter )
6: A11 – BMW EWS Adapter Cable( Used with BMW Immo software )
7: A16 – Car radio Cable( Used for Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Citroen car radio made by Philips decoding)
8: A15 – Cable( Used with D1 adapter ,Universal car dashboard and airbag programming adapter )
9: A17 – Honda Airbag OBD2 Cable ( Adapter for Honda airbag reset by OBDII )
10: A4 – Eeprom Adapter Cable( Used for eeprom programming)
11: A5 – DIP8 Clip Cable( DIP8 Clip for eeprom programming)
12: A6 – SOIC8 Clip Cable( SOIC8 Clip for eeprom programming)
13: A7 – MB 38-Pin Cable(Used with MB Airbag and dashboard software)
14: A8 – BMW 20-Pin Cable( Used with BMW airbag and dashboard software )
15: RNS510 Adapter Cable ( RNS510 radio decoding interface cable )
16: VOLVO FORD CAN 2006+ Cable(Needed for airbag and dashboard programming)
17: FIAT CAN 2006 Cable ( Needed for airbag and dashboard programming)
18: C1 OBD2 Female Cable
19: USB Cable
20: Power cable
21: CD( Software V5.46 , usermanuel- help pdf files)