GM Tech2 Disable Alarm on Saab 2003 9-3 Feedback

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And this is feedback on GM Tech2 works on Saab 2003 9-3 to solve the dreaded “alarm randomly going off” problem.Aim to diagnose and/or disable the alarm.

saab tech2


You will need the Tech 2 and Saab 32MB card (specify when buying clone) listed in the link above. Those two alone should be able to read DTCs, I believe. To get security access and make changes via Tech 2, you will need an older Windows XP laptop with built in serial port – a newer computer running a virtual machine program & serial to usb adapter should also work – and the Tis2000/GlobalTIS software.

The Tech 2 with carton package is $229USD one sale now.If you need plastic box,suggest this GM Tech2 SP23,litter box,lighter weight,you can save shipping cost.And if you need tis2000 usb key,SP23-B this one includes tis2000 usb key free in the package.

Tech II feedback:

Received the parcel today. All are packed well in a box and the machine looks good…. I will try it tomorrow and update here… I should be working good i think.

gm tech2

saab tech2saab-tech2-2