How to activate VOLVO Intermediate Storage File of Volvo Vocom?

VOLVO Intermediate Storage File ENCRYPTOR/DECRYPTOR (EDITOR),which is working with VOLVO Vocom, for Volvo Programming.And this VOLVO Intermediate software needs activation before using.

1.What you need attention for VOLVO Intermediate software?

1. No Need Installation, just copy the software to laptop and open it, it will remind  you to activate, then pass us ID, we will give you activation code.
2. Free Activation for one time, for the second time it will cost 20usd.
3. Extract the .rar file,needs the password,the password you can find in the name of .rar file.
4. You need install volvo ppt1.12 before use VOLVO Intermediate software.

2.How to activate VOLVO Intermediate Storage File of Volvo Vocom?

1.Extract the VOLVO Intermediate software.

VOLVO Intermediate

2.When you extract .rar file,it needs password,you can check the password from this file name,it writes key-123,the password is 123.

VOLVO Intermediate Storage File

3.After extraction,run the visfed.exe,then click yes,and it displays the Hardware fingerprint,send that ID to us,we will send you the name and key.



4.Activation finished.

VOLVO Intermediate