How to Choose GM MDI,GM MDI USB,VXDIAG GM/Opel and GM Tech2

If you have GM cars,and want to do diagnosis or programming for your vehicles,you may check diagnostic scanners like GM Tech2,GM MDI,vxdiag gm/opel.but how to choose the right GM scanner?

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How to Choose GM MDI,GM MDI USB,VXDIAG GM/Opel and GM Tech2

1.GM MDI,GM MDI USB,VXDIAG GM/Opel difference

GM MDI,GM MDI USB,VXDIAG GM/OPEL almost are same product,the software and functions almost the same,and support online programming,needs to have online account.But how about their difference?

  • GM MDI USB is new arrival product,it can not support WIFI,only USB connection is available.Outlook is same with GM MDI,but software is older than VXDIAG GM/Opel.All chip are new and original.
  • GM MDI supports WIFI and USB connection,but it is the most expensive and most powerful one.
  • VXDIAG GM/OPEL,support both software and firmware update.

2.Difference between GM tech 2 serials and GM MDI

Content GM Tech 2  SP23, SP23-1,SP23-B, SP23-B3, SP23-C GM MDI  SP163
Language GM-English, German, Spanish , Japanese, French, Thai , Portuguese, Korean
OPEL-English, Italian , German,Spanish
Multi-language: English, French, German, Japanese, Italian and so on.
Total 30 languages to choose.
Update Via 32MB Software Card can not update
Activation no need active yes
Advantage cannot plug original software card, but can support original program can support software from original factory
OS requirement no need connect to the PC Win XP only
Internet connection no need connect to the PC can not connect to the internet then install the software, because once connect internet, it will remind you update the software
Support Car Model Cannot support truck, only for cars, Support all GM systems 1992 thru current year. such as GM/ SAAB/ OPEL/ SUZUKI/ ISUZU/HOLDEN MDI can test all GM car from 1990-2012 year.
Support programing support reprogramming, but need to use with TIS2000 together support offline program,such as chevrolet,opel, but not for all cars