How to cut Peugeot 206 with CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine

CONDOR XC-MINI Key Cutting Machine is with enough stock now,you can buy it freely without long time waiting.Here buyobdtoolshop shares steps on how to do key duplication for Peugeot keys with XC-MINI Condor.

1.Start Condor XC-MINI machine,and click “Key DUPLICATION”

condor xc-mini

2.Choose Peugeot car brand,and 206 type,select *(-01) and press enter.


mini condor

3.Input original key on fixture of XC-MINI.Press Save>Press Key Decode>Press Confirm

mini condor


xc-mini key cutting

4. Put the key blank on the Fixture of Condor XC-MINI and Press Cut Key


condor xc mini

5.Cut the key until finishing.

key cutting machine

Original iKeycutter CONDOR XC-MINI