How to install Cummins Inline 5 Truck Diagnostic Tool Of NEXIQ?

NEXIQ 125032 USB Link Diesel Truck Diagnostic Interface with All Software is compatible with multiple software applications.It includes several different truck software,like cummins,isuzu,cat,volvo,nissan.etc.Here shares the steps about cummins inline 5 installation.

How to install Cummins Inline 5 Truck Diagnostic Tool?

1.NEXIQ includes 4 CDs,please check the cummins software,and open the folder.Two folder,one is cummins inline5 setup files,one is register file.

cummins inline 5

2.Open set up folder,and choose the software like following pic shows to run.

nexiq 125032

3.Complete this installation.

cummins inline 6

4.This software is update manager,the device NEXIQ only need cummins insite,it setup over just now,so choose cancel,cancel the other three software.


cummins insite

5.Start cummins insite icon,open this application.Then  it will display the register info.

cummins insite

6.You can send us the PC id to use to get password,or you can open the register folder and keygen to activate it by yourself.

cummins inline 5

7.After activation,use NEXIQ USB LINK connect cummins engine,we must add new connect first.

cummins insite