How to install GM MDI Tech2win Software?

MDI is an interface between the vehicle DLC and a PC (by wired USB, wired Ethernet, wireless Ethernet ) and TIS2web.WIFI GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Tool can work with original software,and use with teachwin software,supports 1996-2014 year car models.But how to install GM MDI Tech2win Software?

GM MDI Tech2win

1.Insert GDS2 CD.Open the folder “Adobe Reader”,install this adobe reader.Then install Java.

2.Open the folder”Tech2 win”.Click Tech2win-1.602 start to install it.


3.Open “Tech2win language” folder,copy “nao en” and “opel en” to desktop.

gm mdi tech2win

4.Click tech2win icon,click “Create new”.

gm mdi tech2win

5.Input “nao en” to new name,then click “copy”.OK.

gm mdi tech2win

6.Click “Copy memory card”,input “nao en” to new name,then click copy again.

gm mdi tech2win

7.Click Next,Save “nao en” .

gm mdi

8.Same operation like save “nao en” to save “opel en”.

9.Cut “nao en” and “opel en” on the desktop,and paste on “C:/Documents and Setting/all Users/Documents/General Motors/Tech2win/pcmcia” to replace original files.

tech2win software