How to Solve EPC Can Not Open Error of MB SD C4?

MB SD C4 professional benz diagnostic tool for cars and trucks with newest 2016.7 version software.All Benz SD C4 and MB STAR software needs activation,for EPC,you need to start the EWA-net icon,and log in to activate,sometimes,when you start it,it shows “Internet can not show the webpage” like the following pic,how to solve the problem?


mb star epc


1.Start the EWA-ewa admin tool.

mb sd epc

2.Check these three status,If offline,change to Started status,then restart your computer,open the EWA-net again,it will be solved.



3.If after activated the epc,it got this error:Application Blocked.



A:Please start Computer Control Panel and find out JAVA,set JAVA security to the lowest degree.Then you can start the epc.