How to Solve MB SD C4 EPC Can not Open Error

MB SD C4 with newest 2016.5 version.All MB SD and MB Star series diagnostic tool need to activate after you receive.But if you purchase our bundle package with computer or tablet,our tech will install well before shipment,ready to use.

After you sign in EWA,some customer contact us that the EPC can not open

Please confirm EPC has activated yet.If not,please send us the Lan ID,then we will reply you the password,input the password.Click save.

mb sd epc


Usually,after activation,the epc will be OK to start,but we also received feedback that it got error like the following,click save,it will save the file,but still can not open,click first button,it shows you need download java.No matter click what button,it will be the same error.

mb sd c4 epc

benz epc mb-sd-c4-epc-error-3

If it is like this,please download the java from this link:

Then install the java,you may get installation failed like the following pics,please install it again until java can be installed successfully.

benz sd c4 epc mb-sd-c4-epc-error-5

Then it is ok to start EPC.