How to Solve MB SD C4 EPC ICON Not Found Error?

MB SD C4 newest 2017.3 version is released,which can support reading out & erasing trouble code,reading the real-time data of sensor and actuator, coding and programming. And some customer may have the problem that after log in EWA,can not find EPC icon as before,how to solve this problem?

1.Please log in EWA,and click “Group”, then click “administrator group” to open it.

mb sd c4 epc

2.EPC access authorization Tick on “Limited access authorization”,save it.


3.After the two steps,you can see the EPC.

mb sd c4 epc

2017.3 MB SD Connect Compact C4 Software Display

mb sd c4 update 201703-mb-sd-c4-hdd-4 201703-mb-sd-c4-hdd-5