How to solve MB SD C4 License Error?

MB SD C4 newly released with 2016.5 version,it can support Benz cars,trucks,bus.But for bus,some may get the license error,just like the following pic:

mb sd c4


The detailed vehicle brand


Please download the benz sd c4 bus fix file,after download it,use the tool to fix.

But after fix,it gets a new error:

Benz SD C4

Then please send the license ID,activate DAS again.

What you need attention for MB SD C4 software?

1.Please do not update the computer system,some customer get the MB SD C4 DELL D630 HDD,and ask whether system to WIN 10,this is not OK.

2.Remove out HDD into DELL D630 computer and insert again will harm the HDD in some way,please do not do that too many times.

3.Please do not install extra software on it.

All these operations will harm the software,then the software can not be used,then the HDD needs repair,or buy new HDD.