How to solve NEXIQ Update Error

NEXIQ 125032 Truck Diagnostic Tool,after you receive it,you will find a update chip in the package,some customer may think the chip is used to update.NO,it is not.It is repair chip,which is used to fix update problem.Our NEXIQ can not update online,if you update,it will be broken.Then use this chip to repair the problem.

nexiq 125032

1.NEXIQ Update Error

When the 3 lights one the machine is cycle to flash,it is update error.

nexiq nexiq-update-error-2 nexiq-update-error-3

2.How to solve update error?

1.Please change U56 chip like the following pic.


2.Please uninstall the original driver,or it will have USB link error.Install USB-Link8500 driver,and restart your computer.

Better refresh your computer system or use a new computer system or a new computer.