How to use Key Renew Adapter with OBDSTAR Key Master DP?

OBDSTAR RENEW KEY PCF79XX for X300 DP,Renew the used key to be blank one for programming new key.It is OBDSTAR new arrival product.And here we will display how to use use Key Renew Adapter with OBDSTAR Key Master DP.

1.Connect X300 DP with key renew adapter.

x300 dp renew

2.Start X300 DP machine.And choose “Renew Key” function in other function.

x300 dp renew

3.Enter renew key software.Then press OK to continue.

4.Choose the car model in the list,take Audi car for example.

5.Click OK to continue.

6.Connect the adapter with your key and do like the menu shows.