How to use LAUNCH X431 HD Heavy Duty

AUNCH X431 HD Heavy Duty Adapter Box HD Module Truck Diagnostic Adapter, it is for X431V/X-431 V+/X431 Pro3/X431 Pad II.It communicates with X431 PRO3/X431PAD II throuth Bluetooth to achieve fault diagnosis for various car models and full systems.
launch x431 hd
How to use LAUNCH X431 HD Heavy Duty


Vehicle Connection
1. Locate the DLC (Data Link Connector) of the truck. It is generally located in driver’s cab. In case no DLC is found, please refer to the Repair Handbook of trucks.
2. Plug one end of the diagnostic main cable into DB15 connector and the other end into the truck’s DLC. Normally the power indicator of X-431 HD module will light up.For trucks with non-16 pin DLC, please choose the corresponding diagnostic connector.
launch x431 hd


Download and Install X-431 HD Module App

1. Visit the LAUNCH website and download the application corresponding to the X-431 HD module;
Note: If downloading using the diagnostic tool, please be sure that Wi-Fi has good or strong signals. For details on Wi-Fi connection, refer to the user’s manual of the diagnostic tool.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions to install it. Once installation is complete, an application icon will appear on the HOME screen.


Bluetooth Settings

Before diagnosing a vehicle, you are suggested to make a Bluetooth pair between X-431 HD module and the diagnostic tool. Proceed as follows:
1. Enter Bluetooth setting screen (“Settings” –> “Bluetooth”), slide the Bluetooth switch to ON and will start searching all available Bluetooth devices.
2. Tap the desired one, then key in the PIN code (the default value is 0000) in the pop-up dialog box, and then tap “Pair”.By default, the Bluetooth name is 98454*****00 (where ***** stands for 5 digits.).
3. Once it is paired successfully, it will appear in the paired devices list.
Note: If no Bluetooth setting is done before diagnostic application is launched, you can also configure it while using the software.