How to use Master MST-3000 Motorcycle Scanner on Kawasaki ZR1000

Master MST-3000 Full Version is compatible with 15 Brands motorcycles including: HONDA,SYM,KYMCO,YAMAHA,PIAGGIO,SUZUKI,AEON,PGO,HARTFORD,BENELLI,BMW,KTM,KAWASAKI,DUCATI,HARLEY-DAVIDSON.Here we will display how to use MST3000 on Kawasaki ZR1000.

Master MST-3000


Press <Enter> to enter DIAGNOSIS, it will come out Models selection as below

Master MST-3000

2.Press <Enter> to enter Kawasaki, it will come out function selection as below:


3.Choose one way to enter at random

If press <Enter> to enter Engine. If successful, will appear:

Otherwise connection fail, it will appear:Communication fail.

4.Check the detailed data you want to diagnosis.

For example:Current Data is the numeric figures of the working status for motor engine, through this data we can know whether motor works normally.

Select Current Data to enter Current Data interface: