How to use NEXIQ 125032 USB Link after update error repaired?

NEXIQ 125032 USB Link Diesel Truck Diagnostic Interface includes several software for trucks,which can work with many kinds of heavy duty, trucks, engines and transmissions, brakes and more.As you know,our NEXIQ can not connect internet or update,or the Nexiq USB Link will be damaged, the led lights on the device will continue to be on in sequence.In such case,the nexiq device is damaged,needs send back to repair.

NEXIQ 125032

After the NEXIQ repaired well,how to avoid being damaged again?

1.After you get the repaired Nexiq, you should not directly use the laptop that broke your nexiq in the past. Please reinstall the laptop operating system or use with a new computer, and then install our nexiq software and our driver in our CD.

2.Don’t install the driver not from our software, disable the anti-virus software. If you installed other nexiq driver not from us, and isntall the software on the same computer same system you use before, then the nexiq will be broken again, because the residual driver will destroy the NEXIQ.