How to use OBDSTAR X300DP ISUZU MU7 all key lost?

OBDSTAR X300DP Key Master DP Diagnosis and Programming Tool is powerful key tool for universal car brands.And continuously update online,newly add Ford diagnosis function.Here we will introduce program ISUZU MU7 all key lost with OBDSTAR Key Master DP.

obdstar x300dp

1.ISUZU MU7 car model.


2.Read PIN code with EEPROM Adapter.

3.Take IMMO box from switch start.Soldering out IC 93C66A. And then soldering the IC chip to EEPROM adapter.

4.After soldering well,connect EEPROM adapter with X300DP,connect 12V power with X300DP device.Choose “EEPROM Adapter”

obdstar x300 dp


6.Read PIN Code,ISUZU,93C66

7.Read Dump File.After read out,save the data you read.

obdstar key master dp

8.And get pin code.


9.Soldering 93c66a chip back to IMMO box.

key master isuzu

10.Prepare new keys with chip 46 ISU.Insert one key and turn on.Then choose ISUZU IMMOBILIZER,and DMAX.

11.Customers request to delete all keys,please go to “Erase Keys”.

12.,this function will erase all keys,press Enter to continue.

13.Enter with security code.You have get in previous step 8.

14.Erase complete.And then click “ADD Keys”.Switch ignition on,program at most 5 keys.Then input pincode again.

15.Insert a new key and ignition on.

15.Program success.

obdstar x300dp