Top 3 Audi Mileage Programmer Recommending

Recently,we received inquiry from customer want to change mileage for 2008  Audi R8 car,which tools will be suitable?Here buyobdtoolshop shares top 3 Audi odometer correction tool.

1.VVDI2 Full or VVDI2 VAG

VVDI2 is original Xhorse tool,support update online frequently.VVDI2 also has VVDI2 BMW,VVDI2 VAG,if you only need to do VAG group cars,VVDI2 VAG will be a good choice.

VVDI2 full version contains AUDI Generation 5, BMW OBD Fucntion and BMW CAS4 Funcitons.And vvdi2 can support both immo and km.


2.V1.8.2 Original Xhorse KM+IMMO Tool 

Xhorse KM+IMMO Tool professional tool for vag cars.And it can also add authorization,like :Authorization for AUDI A4 A5 Q5 VAG KM IMMO TOOL and Micronas OBD TOOL (CDC32XX) Cable,A4 RB8 Authorization for Micronas OBD TOOL (CDC32XX) for Volkswagen.etc,you can add related authorization depend on your car model.


3.Digimaster iii

Digimaster 3 is most powerful mileage programming tool,works with various types of adapter you can easily achieve odometer correction, Audio decoding, airbag resetting, engine ECU resetting, IMMO, programming key for Benz &BMW etc.

If you want to confirm whether your Audi car can support or not,check this support car list:

digimaster 3 update