What do you know about NEXIQ 125032 USB Link?

NEXIQ 125032 USB Link Diesel Truck Diagnostic Interface with All Software,it is professional truck diagnostic tool which includes more than 10 truck software.What do you know about NEXIQ 125032 truck diagnostic tool?

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1.What you need attention when you use with NEXIQ 125032?

1.Please Do Not Update, Otherwise, The Multiplexer Will Be Damaged.
2.This SH27-B is with carton box,if you need plastic ones,please check SH27.
3.When you change time of your laptop, Cummins Inline software will get locked, please download the attached file “how-to-unlock-cummins-inline” to solve it.
4.For Hino, Perkins, Volvo, Cat, Nissan software,only XP system.Other software can be installed on XP or WIN7 32bit.
5.Use with new computer system,no internet,no anti-virus software,and please do not install original NEXIQ driver.

2.WAS Multi-Diag Truck Diagnostic Tool(item NO.SH49), Nexiq(item NO.SH27,SH27-B), DPA5 (item NO.SH47 and SH47-B)? What is their difference?

A:Both of the three truck scanners are powerful, good quality, best-selling,but there are some differences among them:
1) supported truck models: Nexiq(item NO.SH27)and DPA5 (item NO.SH47 ,SH47-B) mainly work with American trucks, WAS Multi-Diag Truck(item NO.SH49) mainly work with European trucks.
2) Function: their function is almost the same, mainly support diagnosis and basic programming for a part of trucks, for example: Nexiq support program for Cummins.