What is new about Bluetooth NEXIQ 125032 USB Link with Original Driver

Bluetooth version NEXIQ 125032 Multi-brand Truck diagnostic tool new arrival,buyobdtoolshop.com already sell bluetooth NEXIQ,what is new about this Bluetooth NEXIQ 125032?

bluetooth nexiq

1.What is new about Bluetooth NEXIQ 125032 USB Link 

  • Bluetooth version with original driver
  • More stable, can compatible with more systems
  • NEXIQ outlook with NEXIQ 125032 tags.

2.What is difference with NEXIQ 125032?

SH27,SH27-B,NEXIQ their tags on device is with NEXIQ,and SH27-E2 is with Bluetooth,but its tag is VXTRUCKS V8.
SH27-C,SH27-D are the same product with SH27,SH27-B,just the tags on the device is Xtruck,color is different,others are the same.
SH27,SH27-B,their difference is,SH27 is with plastic box,and SH27-B with carton box,so the SH27-B will be a little cheaper.
SH27-W is new arrivl product,with original driver,more compatiable.