X6 Key Cutting Machine Screen Can Not Work Solution

X6 key cutting machine now add new language:Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,Trukish.If you need extra language,it will be a good choice for you.And we receive feedback that the screen can not display normally,here the suggestion from our factory:

x6 key cutting machine

X6 Key Cutting Machine

1.Remove the x6 key cutting tool control box.

x6 key cutting machine

2.Clean the port of control box.

3.Use the destornillador to modify.

x6 key cutting machine

And another thing need to check,it may be something wrong with X photoelectric,please open the cover to check whether it is shed.Or replace alternate photoelectric in the accessories box.And the pics is the step.

1.Loosen the 7 screws under the machine.

x6 key cutting


2.Take the X6 key cutting Cover

x6 cutting tool



key cutting machine